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Each month this page will be updated with some of our staff's favorite reads, parent picks, and other fun tips, tricks, and fun topics to enhance your reading.

Did you know that Scribbles has parenting resource books you can borrow?  View the available books HERE.

December Book Nook: Cozy Reads

December is here, which means it's getting cold. There's nothing better than snuggling under a fuzzy blanket with a good books, a cup of hot cocoa and maybe a warm fire.  Here are some great books to read this December.

For Toddlers: Bear Stays Up for Christmas by Karma Wilson

Bear’s friends are determined to keep Bear awake for Christmas! So they wake Bear up and have him help them find a Christmas tree, bake cakes, hang up stockings, and sing Christmas songs. Bear stays up—by discovering that giving is one of the best Christmas presents of all!


bear stays up.jpg

Rachel Rosenstein is determined to celebrate Christmas this year—and the fact that her family is Jewish is not going to stop her. In a series of hilarious and heartwarming mishaps, Rachel writes a letter to Santa explaining her cause, pays him a visit at the mall, and covertly decorates her house on Christmas Eve (right down to latkes for Santa and his reindeer). And while Rachel may wrestle with her culture, customs, and love of sparkly Christmas ornaments, she also comes away with a brighter understanding of her own identity and of the gift of friends and family.


dear santa.jpg

The holiday season is here, and the kids in Room 3B are learning about all the different ways people celebrate. In addition to Christmas and Hanukkah, there's Kwanzaa, Three Kings Day, Korean New Year, and more. All the talk about holidays has everyone feeling festive. Everyone, that is, except Harry. He doesn't seem to care about the holidays, the class pet, or even the new student in class. It's clear that something is bugging Harry—but what could it be? Source:

horrible harry and the holidaze.jpg

For Teens/YA: Trapped by Michael Northrop

This chilling YA thriller from critically acclaimed author Michael Northrop is a page-turning adventure about seven teens who are trapped at their high school during a blizzard.  As the snow builds up and the electricity and food run out, the kids must decide how to work together and try to survive.  Best for ages 13 - 16.



For Adults: The Greatest Gift by Philip Van Doren Stern

Few people know that Frank Capra’s film It's a Wonderful Life was based on a short story by author Philip Van Doren Stern, which came to Stern in a dream one night.

Unable at first to find a publisher for his evocative tale about a man named George Pratt who ponders suicide until he receives an opportunity to see what the world would be like without him, Stern ultimately published the story in a small pamphlet and sent it out as his 1943 Christmas card. One of those 200 cards found its way into the hands of Frank Capra, who shared it with Jimmy Stewart, and the film that resulted became the holiday tradition we cherish today.


The Greatest Gift.jpg

Parent Reading Section: Available Books


We have books available for you to borrow from our Parent Reading Section.  To "check out" a book, please call/email one of our admin staff, and we will send it home with your child.  Books that are currently available:

  • Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline by Becky Bailey

  • The Challenging Child by Stanley I. Greenspan

  • The Late Talker: What to do if your child isn't talking yet by Marilyn Agin. Lisa Geng and Malcolm Nicholl

  • The Strong-Willed Child by Dr James Dobson

  • Raising a Sensory Smart Child by Lindsey Biel and Nancy Peske