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School Age Camp

Looking for full day care for school holidays, or a fun, educational childcare option for summer break? Check out our Camp Programs!

In addition to after school care, we provide full day camp programs for most Unit 5 school holidays, including Christmas break and Spring break.  We also have a wonderful Summer Camp program for our school age children filled with fun and memorable activities including field trips, exploration and summertime events.


Summer at Scribbles Center for Learning, Inc. is a time for fun with friends – old and new!  We are busy every day exploring new and exciting adventures through our mini-camps which allow children to choose their favorite topic to study with coordinating activities and field trips.  We set aside time for swimming, water play, and sprinkler parks; participate in a summer reading program; and enjoy getting to know our community through trips to many child-friendly locations.  We recognize the need to keep children learning over the summer months and follow a hands-on, project approach curriculum to allow children to discover science, explore nature, and engage in the creative arts to keep those skills fresh!  

Registration is currently available for the following camps: