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Indoor Play Space


At the center of Scribbles is a fantastic gross motor room with 18-foot raised ceilings, drenched in natural sunlight. Children enjoy music and movement as part of the daily curriculum.The children love climbing on the rock wall! This feature offers a challenging gross motor opportunity that can be adapted to meet the needs of all developmental stages. Teachers can use the gross motor room at any time during the day in addition to outside play time. The space is available to all classrooms as a play option during inclement weather.


Outdoor Play Space


Scribbles has four separate age-appropriate playground spaces (one infant/toddler, two mixed ages, and one school age) designed to promote children’s physical, social, cognitive and language development. Included in one of our mixed age playgrounds is a 6-foot play hill with built-in slides for both winter and summer fun, and a tricycle track equipped with a covered train tunnel, a bridge, a gas station, and a dramatic playhouse to encourage imaginative play. A covered patio allows children to play outdoors in both sunny and rainy weather, while the before/after school room opens up to its own patio with picnic tables that allow the children to study and read outside during nice weather. Each classroom also has a direct exit to an outdoor playground or play space, allowing for easy access and avoiding disruptions to the children in other classrooms.

Infant Classrooms

The infant rooms are designed as safe environments separated for sleep, play/learning, and eating. The space is designed around the four developmental areas (social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development) along with the different aspects of the infant curriculum:

  • Discovery Through Toys

  • Imitation and Pretend

  • Story Time

  • Connecting with Music and Movement

  • Outdoor Time 


Each room has a changing station equipped with a hands-free faucet, soap and towel dispensers that allow direct access to sanitation, and see-through cribs allowing teachers to easily monitor infants during sleep. The oversized rooms allow for growth and movement of infants as they mature through physical phases of development.

Toddler Classrooms

The toddler rooms are a great place for playing, learning, and exploring!


Children transition into the toddler room around 15 months of age and remain until they are 2 1/2 years-old.  Children are fine-tuning their walking and balancing at this age so we have provided them with indoor climbing structures to ensure they have ample opportunity to work on their gross motor skills. 


The dramatic play center is a favorite among the children in the toddler rooms! They love dressing in costumes and role-playing in the kitchen. 


The hard surface area is reserved for lunch and snack time and messy art projects!


The large windows allow for plenty of sunshine and natural light.

Preschool Classrooms

The design and set up of our Preschool Classrooms is a core piece of our curriculum. The learning environment is critical to supporting children’s developmental needs and growth.


Each room is set up according to 10 interest areas organized around the 6 learning components in which children are developed and assessed — literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts, and technology :

  • Blocks

  • Dramatic Play,

  • Toys and Games

  • Art

  • Library

  • Discovery

  • Sand and Water

  • Music and movement

  • Cooking

  • Computers (with educational games).



Each room is equipped with child-sized toilets and sinks. The design of our classrooms allows for structure, yet also allows enough autonomy for children to develop through discovery in their play based learning environment.


Young Preschool (Ages 2 1/2-3 1/2 years) provides a more structured space to allow an easy transition to the preschool room. The Young Preschool room is organized around centers (interest/learning areas) including:

  • Art

  • Dramatic Play

  • Story Time

  • Building and Blocks

  • Sensory-Motor and Fine Motor Development.


A unique aspect of the Young Preschool room is a direct view of planes arriving at the Bloomington Airport. The children can view planes landing and taking off throughout the day – a favorite activity of children at this age!

School Age Classrooms

The After School program at Scribbles Center for Learning, Inc. offers children the opportunity to socialize with peers, eat a nutritious snack, and complete homework with teacher assistance as needed.   We provide a balance of fine and gross motor activities, and a play-based curriculum with an emphasis on the project approach.


The School Age classrooms are two open, spacious areas where children kindergarten through fifth grade can play and learn all year long! These classrooms feature a quiet reading area, table space for homework/studying, art and craft areas, as well as a Wii console and oversized projection screen.

Each classroom also has direct access to their own playground specifically designed for children ages 5-12 featuring a basketball court, four-square courts, climbing equipment, and lots of space to run around!  We also have access to the center’s gross-motor room with its very own rock wall!

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