Community Involvement 

Scribbles values partnering with both our local and our global communities in the areas of sports, early education, and early childhood care.  We're proud to sponsor organizations that support these same goals and opportunities for children.  See the links below to learn more about some of the organizations we support or have supported in the past or to become partners in support, as well.

 Abenezer’s Hope Fund

 Kebebe Tsehay Orphanage, Ethiopia 


Abenezer’s Hope Fund was created by Chris and Justin Michels with the purpose of hiring nannies in Kebebe Tsehay orphanage. The conditions in the Kebebe Tsehay orphanage, located in Ethiopia, are life-threatening. Supplies can help, but only people can care for these orphans. Nannies are essential to the survival of these children. During Chris and Justin's adoption of their youngest son, they were able to walk through Kebebe Tsehay orphanage in Ethiopia where their son stayed after he was found. They were stunned at what they saw: 40-plus babies were in a room with 25 cribs. There were only two nannies to care for these children. The conditions were abysmal. They decided these orphans could not be ignored; action had to be taken.


Abenezer’s Hope Fund was created as a result, with the purpose of distributing money to hire nannies to care for these orphans. Scribbles is proud to say we were able to hire a nanny for this orphange! Visit                                               to find out how you can help. 

 Central Illinois Sled Hockey Association

Bloomington, IL


In 2016 the Central Illinois Sled Hockey Association was formed. What initially started as a way for Tim Kirk's (President of the CISHA) own daughter to be involved in youth hockey, quickly evolved into an organization dedicated to providing hockey for everyone. The team includes sixteen players, all of which possess some sort of physical disability which prevents them from being able to play stand up hockey. The players and families in the organization do not pay to participate. The Central Illinois Sled Hockey Association provides the sleds, equipment and ice time. All of which is funded via donations.                 to help us make sure all children get a chance to participate in this amazing organization!

 Bed Blitz

Bloomington, IL


This is a Bloomington based annual event from the local Youth Build. They build beds for children in the community who otherwise do not have a place to sleep. Each child will receive a custom built frame, mattress, sheets, pillow and case along with a custom made quilt. This year, they will be building 60 beds. Scribbles was able to donate towards the bedding needed for the beds. This is our second year sponsoring the event. Check out the event by visiting the Youth Build McLean County website or  

Community Organizations

Bloomington, IL


  • Unit 5 Educational Foundation 

  • Salvation Army - Toys for Tots

  • St. Jude Children's Hospital

  • Big Brother's Big Sisters 

  • Music Connections Foundation/Kindermusik program 

  • Normal Policemen's Cops for Kids program

  • Spina Bifida Association of Illinois 

  • SPICE of Marcfirst 

  • Beyond the Books Educational Foundation

 Youth Sports Teams

Bloomington, IL


Scribbles is proud to sponsor local youth athletic teams. Check them out!



The Mavericks are a travel youth baseball team associated with McLean County Pony Baseball. We offer the players an opportunity to play competitive baseball which not only allows them to improve their baseball skills, but also to teach them important life lessons like team work, hard work, and leadership. 

Bloomington-Normal Girls Softball Associations

The Bloomington Normal Girls Softball Association provides more than 1,000 girls the opportunity to play fastpitch softball through our competitive Travel leagues and our recreational In-Town leagues. The game of softball teaches and develops so many life lessons - from integrity to confidence to leadership skills. The time we are investing today is helping shape our next generation.

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